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What a fucking day.
This is the first horrible day I have had in awhile.
I feel soo frustrated and stressed for some reason.

I woke up early and had nothing to do.
I went to WalMart and saw Mike for a few minutes, used my discount to buy him some shoes at Dick's, and came home.
I went to softball and played a fucking horrible game. Thank goodness my team can make up for my fuck ups and we managed to win.
Joe showed up and I just wanted to tell him to fuck off. He says the stupidest fucking things. I told him I was going home. And to meet me in Weirton for DMB on Sunday. That will be all the time I will spend with him. He shows up and sits by my parents. He started talking about Mike and Tim to them. GET A FUCKING LIFE. MAYBE A FUCKING CLUE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT...WE'RE DONE JOE.
After ball I went to Dick's and bought some shoes. I met Tim there and we made some plans.
I'm in a bad mood by then but being pretty nice...

I get a shower and go to Jenna's. Watch her tapes of her walking on glass and they had Anthony in them. It was a karate tape.
Tim showed up and eventually Mike came.
We went to King's and BAM! Bad mood.
It was "Pick on Brionna" night and no one informed me so that I could stay home.

My "skater" clothes got picked on, the waitress told me I was going to become diabetic because I use too much sugar...blah blah blah.
I tore into Mike a few times because I was just in a horrible mood.
I ended up throwing my car door into his balls and knocking him into the ground.
Then I left.

Now I have alot on my mind and not alot of time to sleep it off.
I'm picking up Jenna at 11:30 and we're meeting the guys to go to Kennywood.
I know I will have alot of fun if I let myself.
Oh yeah, no smoking at all tomorrow.

Chelsea is coming into town and I have to see her I need some old times back.
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