What we hate, we make. (brionna1107) wrote,
What we hate, we make.

Memories of us....

Kennywood was awesome...it was a great day weather wise, the lines weren't bad, and we all had a bunch of fun. Tim got on some rides he swore he wouldn't and I rode some water rides. I guess they weren't that bad lol. I don't think I got much of a tan, I need to work on that I look gross. The ride back was a blast. Tim and I sang real loud and it was just....fun? All this fun in one day normally doesn't happen to me!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy. Co Ed got all switched and I won't be able to play at all...maybe one game. Sucks. Then Dave and who knows after that...

I am achy and tired so this is going to be an early night!!
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