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May angels lead you in...

So I ended up having a game last night. We tied because they wouldn't let us play one more inning. I hit a triple so good enough.

I went to the drive in and saw The Longest Yard again and Sahara. Good times.

I feel sick.

I need to get ready for work.

Robbie, you've been gone for five months and I can only wonder when it's going to get easier. I know I have the best angel in Heaven watching over me but I can't help but want and need you down here on earth. Not a freggin' day goes by that I don't fight back tears. So many times I have picked up the phone or found myself ready to drive to your house. I know no amount of words or tears can ever get you back. Just please keep watching over me and my family and guiding us, especially me, to do the right things. You are still and always will be my hero. I love you Robbie, rest in peace up there.
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