What we hate, we make. (brionna1107) wrote,
What we hate, we make.

I've never been so lost, I've never felt so much at home...

Yesterday was softball all day. We went 3-1 so it was a pretty good day. Tim yelled at Jenna and me and we took it personally at first so it kind of put a damper on things, but we got over it. It was bloody hot out so I ran home after the games and got a shower...so I could go back to the fields. I met Mike, Tim, Bob, and Brad at the new McDonalds, which is pretty nice by the way, and we ate then headed back to the fields. Cute things happened for Tim I was happy. Then Mike and I left to meet Jenna and Rob and come back here.

Now, that was a trip and a half. Rob is a freakin' nut. Jenna and I both had migraines so she lef tot take Rob home and Mike and I just watched some TV then he left. I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor because I was throwing up so much. Ugh. Not to mention I have a huge lump on my leg from when I hurt it. I wish it would go away without me having to take a week off from ball. Cuz....screw that!

Anyways Mike just stopped by in between his two jobs to cheer me up. It worked for a bit but I still feel like death. I think I'm just going to lay around tonight.

I haven't talked to Joe in a week! I don't really feel that bad that I just wrote him off. I mean, shit happens. He was being an asshole anyways. I haven't talked to Anth in a few days but I just can't do it right now...

Last regular fastpitch game tomorrow. We got our pictures in they turned out pretty good. Then we'll have playoff's, which may be like one game. Then it's nothing but CoEd for me! Not that that's a problem!
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