What we hate, we make. (brionna1107) wrote,
What we hate, we make.

I copied Christina...

My pimp name...
Macktastic Brionna Flava

So I showed up at work and clocked in and then found out they switched my schedule without telling me. Fuck I hate that place anymore! So I came home and now have to work Friday and Saturday night. = (

Mike's at work right now so I am bloody bored. I doubt Tim will umpire tonight because it looks like rain but if he does that's where I will go to kill some time. Gosh this town sucks!

JCC called me to play, how funny. Only because I said something to one of the guys. Too bad they play at the same time as I play for Mike and Tim! Sillys.

I'm wearing one yellow sock and one black sock to support the Pirates today. They're playin' the Yankees. Eww. Mike's favorite team is the Yanks so this is a fun little rivalry. I also watched the basketball game last night! I'm on his side for this I guess so go Pistons? Haha.

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