What we hate, we make. (brionna1107) wrote,
What we hate, we make.


What a long day...I've been waking up early and actually going tanning. So I went tanning then got called into work a whole hour early! Oh no! So I go in and get my $71.56 paycheck, what bull, and work. We were soo busy and I had to work Apparel, Team Sports, Shoes, Fitness, and Lodge half of the night. I had to hold a shot gun, so I broke into a sweat for some reason and started shaking. I think it's because of the whole McHugh-Gun thing, I can't touch them. Then some stupid hicks yelled at me because the system to authorize people is down, and they couldn't buy a gun. Maybe someone with their kind of temper doesn't need a gun. Mike came to visit then waited for me to get off work and we went to Kings. Then to Wal*Mart...

Whoo I got The Rocket Summer - "Hello, good friend." CD. Awesome. It's my one and only treat with my paycheck. Picked a card up for Jenna since her graduation party is tomorrow.

Oh yah! Tomorrow we're going to Mountaineer or Wheeling Downs! My gambling cherry will be popped! I'm scared...I think I will only bring $20 in so I don't waste all of my money. I don't know though I'm not familiar with these things.

CO-ED Sunday at 4 and 5, then I fly to Follansbee for my fastpitch game at 7. Fun times!
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