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I Am So Bri

It's gonna be all right, yeah you worry too much kid...

What we hate, we make.
3 January
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My name's Brionna

I'm 19.

I live in Wintersville, Ohio...it's about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh, depending on how fast you drive.

Here's some info straight from My MySpace.


I play softball for a few different teams. Co Ed I play for *Mike* and Tim. Fastpitch girls I play for Follansbee and I'm on the Mavericks. I play second base, baby.

I like a lot of music...I don't like genres, but I guess emo/punk is mine? I also like country and some rap and just about whatever! Seriously, even classical. I love going to shows. I love to get in the pits and crowd surf. I got to meet Andrew and the guys from Something Corporate there.

I can play the drums. I was in the marching band, concert, and jazz band off and on from 5th grade until I graduated.

I enjoy being random.

I like to read. I also collect quotes. Quotes about anything...send me some if you got them.

I love to dye my hair, often very odd colors.

I love shrimp. It's my favorite food. I also like fettucini alfredo. Add shrimp + wash it down with Ice Tea = Orgasmic.

My kitty cat Konstantine. He was the only good thing one of my ex-boyfriends ever gave me. I also love my dog Shiloh.

The Pittsburgh Pirates! Jack Wilson baby!


I hate feet.

My webcam makes my pictures blurry. Drats.

Hipocrites, though I tend to be one.

Distance and time.

Things getting better...too late.

Having to choose.

When people *cough* Joe *cough* say "Alright, fine, whatever."

When people tell me I'm upset for a dumb reason.