What we hate, we make. (brionna1107) wrote,
What we hate, we make.

= )

Who cares that softball got rained out? Who cares that I struck out?

Not me!

Mike, Tim, and Bob came over to watch me. I felt bad because it got rained out and I did horrible. I was a bundle of nerves! After they called it I came home and left Anth's crap in the driveway so he could come get it. Ugh. Then...

I went and met Mike, Tim, and Jenna at the movies. We saw The Longest Yard which was a pretty darnd good movie. Afterwards Mike and I sat in my car and hung out in WalMart for over three hours. Three hours. I had the best time playing CDs at WalMart and sitting in my car talking to him. I had really misjudged him and so has everyone else. You would be very surprised if you took the time to get to know him. I have never been friends with such a good person. A truely good person. We finally decided to call it a night and go home lol.

Tomorrow I play and then Mike and Tim are coming to meet my mother, since she's worried and all. That should be fun! Then who knows what we will do. Kennywood is definately on for Saturday though!

It's time to let go of the past and start looking at the future...which right now seems pretty damn good to me!!
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